Harp and writing

Nancy Addison

I am writing a mystery series about an Irish harpist who is living in Atlanta, starting a career as a harpist but finding herself solving murder mysteries as a side gig.

The first book, Death Knell in D, should be available in late August. You can read more about the book on the home page, and read a pivotal scene under the tab Pub Scene.

Most of my gigs in the Atlanta area are private, but I will be playing for the evening Sunday service at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church on July 28 and August 11. The service starts at 6:00; harp prelude starts at 5:55.

Writing a pub scene is fun

Mainly because when I needed some Irish tunes, I just opened up iTunes and got to listen to several of my favorites while I chose ones that would fit well in the story. And I spent a week in Doolin, in February of 1990, which was just as cold as described in the Pub Scene, and an old man (Micho Russell) gave me the tune for the Dusty Windowsill. 

So stay tuned (see what I did there) for updates, new scenes, perhaps the first chapter, and surely at some later time an actual mailing list.